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Noluma Protects

Protecting what's inside

With Noluma. The leader in light protection technology.

Who is Noluma?

Noluma International, LLC is a global company with representatives throughout the world. Noluma laboratories are located in the USA, Taiwan and in the EU.

Noluma offers light protection measurement, design and certification of packaging for consumer-packaged goods. The Noluma™ logo certifies that packaging meets the gold standard for light protection, ensuring that what’s inside has the quality, freshness, nutritional elements, efficacy and sensory qualities promised.

Noluma in Food Tech 500 for 2020

Noluma International was listed as one of a global list of 500 companies that represent the most inspirational next-generation Food & Drink and Agricultural Technology companies considered the 2020 movers and shakers who have the power and potential to transform the food industry as we know it.

The Foodtech 500

The Technology

The patented state-of-the-art technology Noluma uses is integral to certifying that packaging protects consumers’ favorite brands – whether a food, beverage, cosmetic or pharmaceutical product – as best as scientifically possible from the negative impacts of light, throughout the full shelf life of the product. It is the first technology of its kind to take into account quality change when measuring packaging light protection. Noluma laboratories are located in the USA, Taiwan and in the EU.

Our Company

We use science to bring more to the lives of people everywhere, by protecting the goodness in the products and brands they love.

Noluma International, LLC strives to optimize the functionality of packaging, ensuring it is scientifically designed to protect the value and goodness promised on the product’s label. Our world-class scientists bring high-level innovation and higher value science to help protect consumers’ favorite products from all kinds of light.

Our team of scientists use state-of-the-art labs worldwide, emerging technology and breakthrough research to ensure innovation is at the center of our company.

We have a fast-moving entrepreneurial culture, startup mentality and always-innovating mindset, which keeps our business and capabilities nimble, so that we can meet any customer need – regardless of how challenging it may seem.

Our scientific approach and team of world-class scientists have global know-how and are at the forefront of innovation, developing patents monthly on customer-led applications in a growing number of new industries. These patents allow us to build customer trust through tailored assessments and product-specific recommendations for optimal light protection.

Our Purpose & Values

Science powers our company. But our purpose, values and vision for the future are what guide and drive everything we do.

Our purpose powers the science of Noluma. We use science to better the lives of people around the world. Whether it’s to help protect freshness, quality, nutrients, efficacy or color, we strive to help people get more out of life, by getting more value out of their favorite products, and preserving their inherent goodness.

Our values bring that science to life. Our science is most valuable when it helps our customers. We drive customer growth, and our own growth, by understanding customers’ needs, their expectations and building long-lasting relationships.

The core values of Noluma are the foundation of who we are and what we stand for. They are:

Constant innovation

We are continuously exploring ways to improve the functionality of packaging using our speed, strength and agility to provide greater value and more goodness to our customers.

Commitment to truth

As the light protection authority, trust is integral to our business model. Regardless of the customer and the market opportunity, Noluma will only certify packaging that meets our performance standards for optimal light protection.

Backed by science

Our teams of scientists are constantly evaluating new research, emerging technologies, and trend forecasts to ensure our data, processes and technologies are best-in-class in an ever-evolving world.

Safety and health

We adhere to the highest standards to ensure the safety and health of our employees, our customers, and the people of the communities whose lives our services enhance.

Our Vision

Science has the power to improve the world around us.

The success of our simple yet ambitious vision is rooted in our mission to use science to enhance the lives of people everywhere by providing them with important information so that they can make better choices.

Our vision is rooted in our commitment to our values, employees, customers, communities, and partners. We aspire to be nothing less than the best in the world at harnessing the power of science to protect our favorite products and all the goodness contained inside them from light exposure.

It’s about pushing the boundaries of science, our teams and our customers, to deliver solutions that bring more value, and constantly improve consumer goods packaging. We hope to play a role in changing the world for the better. Whether that means protecting nutrients in an effort to reduce regional vitamin deficiencies, extending a food or beverage’s freshness to minimize food waste, or improving a medicine’s overall efficacy for its patients through light protection, we know our science has the power to improve the world around us.

Our Services


Noluma is here to help.

Noluma’s services, using state-of-the-art technology, measure a product’s packaging for its ability to protect against exposure to both natural and artificial light. This patented technology allows us to simulate two weeks of high-intensity light exposure in only two hours, saving companies time and money in finding the optimal light-protected package design. As your product goes through our scientific measuring and assessment process, changes to content quality are closely tracked and measured, determining the light protection capacity of the packaging. Based on this, we provide guidance on optimizing light-protective packaging design ensuring your products are fully light-protected for quality, freshness and nutritional value.

How can we help?

What is light protection?

The Proof

Noluma Packaging

Case Studies

As the leader in light protection technology, Noluma is making a big difference in how products are being protected. By working with companies with the same desire to see change, Noluma is setting the gold standard in protecting what’s good.

Noluma has light protection partnerships with leading convertors in the dairy industry. The company has also provided technical packaging design guidance for light protection to renown dairy companies in every major continent. Dairy certification licensing agreements have been signed in Asia, and European deals are expected to close in Q1 2019.

Here is how Noluma and its partners are making a difference.

Case study thumbnail

Jersey Girls Dairy

November 28, 2018

Jersey Girls Dairy, LLC, a dairy farm in Chester, Vermont, partnered with Noluma to upgrade its packaging to protect its farm-fresh pasteurized milk against light exposure. Working with Noluma to launch a new bottle design, the two companies joined forces to educate the local community on light’s negative impacts on milk, and the power of light-protected packaging to prevent nutrient degradation. Through educational campaigns at local farmers’ markets during the summer of 2018 Jersey Girls demonstrated the benefits of light-protected dairy packaging, showing how it improves the overall quality of milk and maintains its fresh, wholesome taste through its full shelf life. Community locals could clearly see, smell and taste the difference of light-protected milk. The campaign resulted in Jersey Girls’ sales tripling a month into the launch, measurable quality improvements noted by consumers, and invitations for Jersey Girls to exhibit at Farm Shows throughout the country.

Case study thumbnail

Dairy in the Dark with Freshways

June 26, 2019

In the UK, Noluma partnered with dairy supplier Freshways, bottling their milk in Noluma-certified packaging for the pop-up ‘Dairy in the Dark’ experience on London’s famous Portobello Road. UK parents, foodies, media and influencers were given the chance to experience what it was like to shop in the dark using night-vision goggles, and understand how light protection protects the nutrients and fresh taste of milk. Visitors got to taste light-protected milk for themselves with an on-site barista and took home a packaging test kit to test their own milk brand to see if it is light protected. They also were given a bottle of Freshways in a Noluma-certified light-protected bottle so they could taste for themselves the superior taste and freshness of light-protected milk. British milk is known for its superior quality and at Noluma we want to make sure that its delicious taste and nourishing goodness is protected in the right packaging so everyone can enjoy it at its best.

Case study thumbnail

Lancaster Local

May 2, 2019

Noluma worked with Pennsylvania-based farming community Lancaster Local to support the design of light protected packaging for new organic milk with A2A2 protein.

The community of farmers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania produces Grade-A milk from local, grass-fed cows, and wanted Noluma-certified bottles to protect the milk’s overall quality, nutrient integrity and fresh taste for the full extent of the product’s shelf life.

Launching in the summer of 2019 in the Northeast region, Noluma and Lancaster Local will host events to raise awareness among consumers around light damage, and the availability of local milk that is protected from the degradation often caused by light.

Case study thumbnail

Honest Dairy Co. Ltd

May 2, 2019

Noluma partnered with the Guangzhou-based Honest Dairy Co. Ltd to certify and launch new light protected packaging for its LGG probiotic yogurt Body Knows in China.

Body Knows helps to improve Chinese consumers’ intestinal health with LGG probiotics and uses light protected packaging to protect nutrients and freshness while extending the product’s shelf life from 18 to 21 days. Body Knows, in addition to LGG probiotics, also contains GOS probiotics and high quality raw milk.

The first-ever light-protected yogurt in China sets a new benchmark for the dairy industry around consumer expectations for retaining nutritional benefits and extending product shelf life.


Honest Dairy
Lancaster Local
Jersey Girls
Tasty Dairy Specialities LTD

Noluma Research

Noluma White Paper: Packaged Foods Should Be Kept in the Dark, Consumers Shouldn’t Be

Light has the power to degrade food and packaged goods, but new research proves protective packaging can protect against damage from all light sources. Noluma published a white paper summarizing a variety of scientific research studies that evaluate the impact light has on packaged goods. Using the highest level of light protection in product packaging can preserve nutrients, freshness, stability, color, efficacy, performance, sensory and quality characteristics, and lead to an extended sensory shelf life for many products that reduces food waste.

Download Whitepaper

Research Proves Performance Measurement Technology Accurately Measures Packaging’s Capacity to Block Light Damage

This scientific study finds that measurement technology can pinpoint the level of protection packaging provides against light. The technology uses a light exposure instrument that replicates intense light in a short period of time, and tracks changes to light sensitive nutrients within the packaging. This research shows that there are scientific processes for measuring the level of impact light has on a specific piece of packaging and the contents within.

Download Full Research


NOLUMA is a leader in innovative Light Protection Technology.

Nothing is more important to our brand than safe, responsible sustainable solutions in light protection.

Our innovations enable better lives for more people by measuring and advising businesses on improving light protection performance of consumer products making them safer, better, and longer-lasting.

We look to partner our light protection packaging technology with organizations that share our goal of improving the footprint on our environment, have responsible safety standards, and like us, look to better the lives of their end users.

Our patented light protection measurement technology has no negative impact on the environment.

We advocate for the reduction of materials, safer production methods, and energy efficiency in manufacturing throughout our process. When our customers are considering the environmental impact of different materials for their packaging, our light protection tool can be used to support their choices. Our aim is to achieve the least possible weight of a product while achieving an acceptable light protection capacity to protect content integrity.

Noluma can also help companies meet their sustainability goals by extending the sensory shelf life and freshness of packaged goods and reduce overall household waste. Investing in light-protective packaging can maintain a product’s quality, freshness, and nutrient levels longer.


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