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About Noluma
International, LLC

Noluma International, LLC, started with a vision spearheaded by a group of scientists based in DuPont labs (later spun off as Chemours) in Wilmington, DE. They believed that science could protect and preserve what matters to people around the world. That light protection vision led to spearheading and publishing research that proved science could help optimize materials of all kinds to protect against the damaging effects of light. Noluma was established as a separate company in 2018 by this same group of scientists, backed by Chemours, with the goal of producing a state-of-the-art, first-of-its-kind scientific standard that could ensure that light does not penetrate packaging and damage the favorite foods, products and brands of consumers worldwide.

Our Management Team

Divya Chopra
President, Noluma International, LLC

Divya Chopra has approximately 20 years of experience in packaging and industrial Polymers, improving profitability and managing innovation pipelines; the last 5 years were in the Titanium Technologies Division at Chemours where he focused his research on light protective packaging.

His diversified research enabled patents in value-added polymer applications. At E.I. DuPont & Nemours, he has technically contributed to ionomers, grafted polyolefins and Nylon applications. Notable brands include: Dartek™, Surlyn®, Nucrel®, Vamac®, Fusabond®, and DuPont® Polyethylenes.

Dr. Chopra holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Dr. Chopra also holds nine patent licensees and has published nine research studies in scholarly journals.