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Noluma and Cornell Join Forces on Food Packaging Innovation

December 11, 2019

On Wednesday, December 4, Noluma joined the National Dairy Council and Cornell University’s Dairy Foods Extension at the Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) Beverage Symposium in Illinois. There, Noluma presented to R&D, quality assurance and dairy leaders the new innovations that have the power to revolutionize dairy packaging.

While at the Beverage Symposium, Noluma addressed the photooxidation impact on packaged beverages, including dairy. These types of products are often sensitive to light damage caused by both artificial and natural light which they are exposed to through their exposure chain from production, storage and retail distribution, to their storage and end use by consumers. This light exposure chain causes damage to the contents such as the decline of nutrients and sensory quality loss in consumer goods when packaging is inadequate. For example, food scientists have found that dairy in plastic packaging exposed to typical indoor lights, such as retail fluorescent lights, saw vitamin A reduced by 49% after just 16 hours of exposure.

While light damage of products in retail and consumer environments cannot be avoided, light-protected packaging is a robust strategy to manage light exposure. Noluma™ Light Protection technology enables packaging design and optimization to ensure product value is retained, and can predict the benefits of light protection packaging such as nutrient and sensory quality preservation.

View the full presentation shared at the DMI Beverage Symposium